Medina County Courthouse

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wooster Man Found Not Guilty of Theft Charge

Judge James L. Kimbler found Charles N. Paxton not guilty of one count of Theft from the Elderly, a fourth degree felony following a non-jury trial on Monday, June 13, 2011. The trial involved two witnesses, the alleged victim and Mr. Paxton, who testified in his own defense. The State alleged that Mr. Paxton committed Theft when he agreed to install a new floor for the victim in October of 2010 and never delivered on his promise. The State alleged that the victim paid Mr. Paxton $1200.00 for installation of the floor.

Mr. Paxton denied receiving any money from the alleged victim. He testified that he did agree to help install the floor, but that it was his son, and not himself, who entered into the agreement with the alleged victim. The son, who was recently sentenced on a Burglary charge, was not called as a witness by either the State or Mr. Paxton.

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