Medina County Courthouse

Monday, September 26, 2011

Judge Kimbler's Criminal Docket for September 15, 2011

Judge James Kimbler had two defendants appear in front of him on Thursday, Sepember 15, 2011 for imposition of sentence. They were Robert M. Koprivnyak and Catrina D. Perry.

Mr. Koprivnyak, 19, of Miller Street in Seville, Ohio, was sentenced to eight months in prison on two counts of Drug Trafficking. One count was a fifth degree felony and the other was a fourth degree felony. Judge Kimbler suspended his driver's license for six months. Mr. Koprivnyak received 85 days jail time credit on the prison sentence and also on the license suspension.

Ms. Perry, 26, of Center Street in Sterling, Ohio, received a six month jail sentence for two counts of Drug Possession with credit for 86 days served. Judge Kimbler also suspended her driver's license for six months but also gave her 86 days credit on the license suspension.

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