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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Wayne County Appellate Decisions, December 2013

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Appellate District released two decisions for appeals from Wayne County Courts in December of 2013. My summaries of these decisions appear below:

State v. Weese, 2013-Ohio-5789, released on 12/31/2013, reversed a decision of the Wayne County Municipal Court. The trial court had ordered Mr. Weese to pay court costs but did not tell him that if he didn't pay the court costs the court could order him to do community service. At the time of his sentencing the Court of Appeals held that R.C. 2947.23(A)(1)(a) required a sentencing judge to advise a defendant that failure to pay court costs could result in a community service requirement. The case was then remanded back to the trial court so that the trial court could properly order the payment of court costs. 

In re K.P., 2013-Ohio-5490, released on 12/31/2013, affirmed a decision on the Wayne County Juvenile Court ordering that the mother of K.P. be named sole residential parent. 

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