Medina County Courthouse

Monday, April 19, 2010

Judge Collier's Ohio Supreme Court Report for March, 2010

At the start of March Judge Collier had 740 cases pending on his docket. Of these cases, 102 were criminal cases and the rest were civil cases.

As used by the Ohio Supreme Court, the following categories had the most cases pending at the start of March: Foreclosures with 289; Other Civil with 230; Criminal with 102; and Other Torts with 83.

During the month Judge Collier’s court took in 144 cases. The categories which had the most cases filed during March were Foreclosures with 69; Other Civil with 44; and Criminal with 24. As a result of the new cases filed and cases pending at the beginning of March, along with reactivated or transferred cases, Judge Collier had 903 cases on his docket at some point during March.

During the month Judge Collier disposed of 167 cases. The categories with the most disposition were Foreclosures with 56; Other Civil with 52; and Criminal with 45. As a result of closing cases in those as well as the other categories listed on the Ohio Supreme Court report, Judge Collier had 736 pending cases on his docket at the end of March.

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