Medina County Courthouse

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Medina County Adult Probation Department Statistics for March, 2010

Veronica Perry, Chief Adult Probation Officer for the Medina County Common Pleas Court, reports that in March of 2010, Judge Collier and Judge Kimbler each assigned 11 defendants to supervision by the Medina County Adult Probation Department. Each judge assigned four defendants to intensive supervision and each judge assigned seven defendants to general supervision.

Thirteen defendants were required to perform community service as part of their supervision. Of those defendants, 12 were sentenced by Judge Kimbler and one was sentenced by Judge Collier.

Judge Collier required two defendants to be placed on electronic monitoring at their homes (home arrest) as part of their sentences. Judge Kimbler did not place any defendants on electronic monitoring during March.

During March, 36 defendants were referred to the Probation Department for pre-sentence invesigations. Ten of them were referred by Judge Collier and 26 by Judge Kimbler.

Judge Kimbler referred six defendants to be evaluated for intervention in lieu of conviction and placed three defendants in that program during March.

Four defendants were referred to the Probation Department for possible expungment of their convictions.

Judge Kimbler put one defendant on his Mental Health Docket.

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