Medina County Courthouse

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Copley Man Changes Plea, Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

Lawrence Miller, II of Caleb Road in Copley, Ohio appeared in Judge Kimbler's courtroom on Tuesday, July 21 and entered a plea of "no contest" to one charge of Identity Theft, a fourth degree felony. Pursuant to an agreement with the State of Ohio, Mr. Miller waived a pre-sentence investigation. Judge Kimbler then imposed a six month prison sentence with credit for 127 days that Mr. Miller served in jail waiting trial.

Mr. Miller was charged with Identity Theft because he gave his brother's name to a police officer when he was stopped for operating while under the influence of alcohol. While he was still at the Medina County Jail for the under the influence charge, the arresting officer learned his true identity and charged Mr. Miller with the felony offense.

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