Medina County Courthouse

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Judge Collier's Civil Case Report for June, 2010

At the beginning of June, Judge Christopher Collier had 658 civil cases pending on his docket. During the month, there were 110 new civil cases assigned to his docket and there were six cases either transferred to his docket, reassigned to his docket, or redisignated to his docket. This meant that at some point during June, Judge Collier had 774 cases pending on his docket.

During June, Judge Collier disposed of 175 civil cases. Of the cases disposed, three were disposed by jury trials; 85 were settled or dismissed; 25 were disposed by default judgments; 43 were assigned to Magistrate James Leaver, eight were transferred to another judge or court; and 11 were stayed due to a bankruptcy or interlocutory appeal. This meant that at the end of June, Judge Collier had 599 civil cases pending on his docket.

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