Medina County Courthouse

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Medina Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking

On Thursday, August 26, 2010, Judge James Kimbler sentenced Adam M. Szwec of Lafayette Road in Medina, Ohio, on four counts of Drug Trafficking. Three of the counts were felonies of the fifth degree and one was a fourth degree felony.

Judge Kimbler ordered Mr. Szwec to serve 180 days of home incarceration with review at 90 days; placed under supervision by the Adult Probation Department for three years, with the initial supervision being intensive; ordered him to complete 24 hours of community service; ordered him to get a drug assessment and abide by all aftercare recommendations; suspended his driver's license for six months; and ordered him to pay a $40.00 monthly community control sanction fee. At the request of Medina County Prosecuting Attorney Dean Holman, Judge Kimbler also ordered Mr. Szwec to pay back the county for the "buy money" that he received from the confidential informant used in the case. In the event that Mr. Szwec violates the above conditions, he is looking at a one year prison sentence.

In both the pre-sentence investigation interview and in court on Thursday, Mr. Szwec described being charged with drug trafficking as both the worst thing and the best thing that has happened to him. It was the worst because he was facing a possible prison sentence, but it was the best because it has motivated him to stop using drugs and get treatment.

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