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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Judge Kimbler's September 2010 Ohio Supreme Court Report

At the beginning of September, 2010, Judge Kimbler had 750 cases pending on his docket. Pending cases in the various categories that are reported on the Ohio Supreme Court monthly report were as follows:

Professional Tort: 5
Product Liability: 1
Other Torts: 92
Workers’ Compensation: 34
Foreclosures: 283
Administrative Appeal: 6
Complex Litigation: 2
Other Civil: 191
Criminal: 136

During the month Judge Kimbler’s docket saw 122 new cases filed. New cases were filed in just four categories. Those categories were as follows:

Other Torts: 13
Foreclosures: 40
Other Civil: 37
Criminal: 32

In September there were 16 cases transferred in, reactivated, or redesignated in three categories. Those categories were as follows:

Foreclosures: 7
Other Civil: 3
Criminal: 6

During September Judge Kimbler closed 147 cases. Closed cases were as follows:

Professional Tort: 1
Other Torts: 10
Workers’ Compensation: 3
Foreclosures: 55
Administrative Appeal: 1
Other Civil: 52
Criminal: 25

As a result of these terminations Judge Kimbler had 741 cases pending on his docket at the end of September.

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