Medina County Courthouse

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Medina County Adult Probation Department Report for September, 2010

Medina County Chief Adult Probation Officer Veronica Perry reports that the Medina County Common Pleas Judges did the following in September, 2010:

Six defendants were put on Intensive Supervised Probation, four by Judge Kimbler and two by Judge Collier.

Ten defendants were placed on General Supervision by the Probation Department, six by Judge Collier and four by Judge Kimbler.

Judge Kimbler ordered 10 defendants to do community service as part of their non-residential community control sanctions.

Ten defendants were referred to the Department's Bond Reporting Officer, seven by Judge Kimbler and three by Judge Collier.

Judge Kimbler made 26 referrals for pre-sentence investigations and Judge Collier made 16.

Judge Kimbler referred three defendants for Intervention in Lieu of Incarceration Eligibility Reports.

Three referrals were made for reports on whether the defendants can have their criminal records expunged, one by Judge Kimbler and two by Judge Collier.

Judge Kimbler referred one defendant for an evaluation of eligibility for his Mental Health Docket.

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