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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ohio Supreme Court Publishes Two Judge Kimbler Decisions

The Ohio Supreme Court selected two more decisions by Judge Kimbler for publication in the Ohio Miscellaneous Reports, which reports decisions by Ohio's trial courts. One of the cases is Kovach v. Tran, 159 Ohio Misc.2d 8, 2009-Ohio-7197. The other case is Stecz v. Travelers Ins. Co., 159 Ohio Misc.2d 1, 2009-Ohio-7196.

Both cases dealt with construction of insurance contracts under Ohio law. The Kovach case dealt with construction of uninsured/underinsured provisions in a automobile liability insurance policy. The Stecz case dealt with time limitations to bring a lawsuit against an insurance company pursuant to the terms of the policy. You can read Judge Kimbler's decisions by clicking on the links appearing above.

Judge Kimbler has now had 64 opinions published by the Ohio Supreme Court since he has been a judge. The published opinions include opinions that Judge Kimbler issued as Wadsworth Municipal Court Judge as well as opinions issued as a Medina County Common Pleas Court Judge.

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