Medina County Courthouse

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chief Justice Meets With Medina County Bench/Bar

Supreme Court of Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor today met with local judicial and legal officials in Medina County in the second of a series of conversations she plans around the state to discuss ways to improve Ohio’s court system. Licking County hosted the first meeting on Feb. 22.

In her swearing-in speech in January, Chief Justice O’Connor announced that she and Supreme Court Administrative Director Steven C. Hollon would work to visit each of Ohio’s 88 counties as a way to learn about the local and statewide issues impacting the judiciary and legal community.

Chief Justice O’Connor today reiterated her plans to address the challenges of the judicial budget, to support diversity and access to justice, to push for impartial courts free from political influence, and to encourage collaboration and community involvement by the judiciary.

“The challenges and concerns of the local bench and bar vary across this large and diverse state,” Chief Justice O’Connor said. “I am looking forward to collaborating with you on the important work of improving the administration of justice.”

Chief Justice O’Connor noted the leadership role that Medina County judges have played in the judicial branch by serving on Supreme Court boards and commissions. She also commended the innovative practices employed by the local judges in delivering justice.

Bar Association President and attorney Janis Zachman said the local bar was immensely privileged to have the opportunity to hear from Chief Justice O’Conner and to engage in conversation with her about issues of importance to the Court and local attorneys.

Attendees included seasoned practitioners as well as newly admitted attorneys.

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