Medina County Courthouse

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Judge Collier's Supreme Court Report for January, 2010

At the beginning of January, 2010, Judge Collier had 708 cases pending on his docket. During the month, 18 cases were either transferred to his docket, reactivated, or re-designated. During January, 104 new cases were filed and assigned to Judge Collier's docket. Consequently, during the month of January Judge Collier had 830 cases pending at some point on his docket.

The Ohio Supreme Court Report category that had the most new cases filed was foreclosures, with 38. Next was other civil with 35; criminal with 27 new cases; workers' compensation with 3 and other torts with one.

During January, Judge Collier terminated 96 cases, leaving 734 cases pending on his docket. In January, the category that saw the most terminations by Judge Collier was criminal with 35 terminations. The second biggest category for terminations was other civil with 29; followed by foreclosures with 26; workers' compensation with five; and other torts with one.

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