Medina County Courthouse

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Akron Woman Gets Jail Sentence for Obstructing a Police Cruiser

On Thursday, September 2, 2010, Judge James L. Kimbler sentenced Amanda D. Young, 32, of Marcy Street in Akron to 13 days in jail for obstructing a police cruiser that was responding to a complaint of a street disturbance. Judge Kimbler gave Ms. Young credit for the 13 days she spent in jail pending trial and waived court costs. Ms. Young was also charged with taking part in a riot in Medina Municipal Court. She was ordered to pay $536.50 in court costs for that offense.

Ms. Young is the sister of a woman who was dating a man named Frank Gauthier. Mr. Gauthier was involved in a disturbance on West Union Street in Medina. When a Medina police officer came to the scene, Ms. Young stepped in front of the cruiser in an apparent effort to prevent the officer from approaching Mr. Gauthier. The Medina officer's cruiser was only obstructed for a few moments, and eventually Mr. Gauthier was arrested for having weapons while under a disability, tampering with evidence, and carrying a concealed weapon. Mr. Gauthier was sentenced by Judge Collier for these offenses and received a one year prison sentence.

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