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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Judge Kimbler Civil Case Report for August, 2010

Judge Kimbler's administrative assistant, Linda Gerberich, has prepared the August, 2010 Ohio Supreme Court report showing the number of civil cases that were filed and assigned to Judge Kimbler's docket and the cases that disposed of during August. The report show that at the beginning of August Judge Kimbler had 636 civil cases pending on his docket.

During the month 100 new civil cases were filed and assigned to his docket and 11 civil cases were either transferred in from another judge, reactivated or redesignated and assigned to his docket. As a result, at some time during August Judge Kimbler had 747 civil cases pending on his docket.

During August, Judge Kimbler disposed of 133 civil cases and, at the end of August, had 614 civil cases pending on his docket. Cases were disposed of in the following manner:

Cases settled or dismissed prior to trial-9
Cases dismissed-17
Default judgments-41
Transferred to another judge-6
Bankruptcy stays or interlocutory appeals-8
Other terminations-51

Ms. Gerberich also reported that 43 new foreclosures filed in August of 2010. Once again there were more new foreclosures than any other single category, with the next biggest category having 36.

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