Medina County Courthouse

Friday, September 24, 2010

Judge Kimbler Probation Violations for September 23, 2010

Case No. Name Officer PV Hearing Date: 9/16/10 Disposition:

08CR0551 09CR0258 Kerschner, Joseph H. Smith 9/23/2010 PV - Sentenced to 20 days MCJ on each case w/credit for 16 days to run concurrent w/each other; ISP supervision; Weekly drug screens for 60 days; continue courtesy supervision with Summit Co.

08CR0363 Lockhart, Angela M. Leibler 9/23/2010 PV - 10 days MCJ w/credit for 10 days; continue on supervision

09CR0101 08CR0308 Flinn, Zachary L. Lesko 9/23/2010 PV - continued until next Thursday 9/30/2010

08CR0405 Debose, Curtis R. Newman 9/23/2010 PV - 3 yrs. Prison w/451 days credit; Probation terminated; costs waived.

08CR0303 McClain, Matthew K. Turchek 9/23/2010 PV - Continued to 10/28/2010

04CR0034 Burns, Douglas C. Copley 9/23/2010 PV - 180 days MCJ w/118 days credit; Probation terminated

07CR0592 Brown, William J. Adams 9/23/2010 PV - No show - CAPIAS ISSUED

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