Medina County Courthouse

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Judge Kimbler Announces Family Intervention Program

Medina County Chief Adult Probation Officer Veronica Perry, at Judge Kimbler's request, has designed a intervention in lieu of conviction program aimed at single mothers. The program, called the Family Intervention Program, is a one year long program. Here is a description of the women who are eligible for the program: "The offender must be a single mother with a drug addiction who is willing to participate in parenting classes and a mentoring program upon completion of the parenting classes."

Because it is an intervention in lieu of conviction program, an offender must meet the criteria set forth in the Ohio Revised Code. She must enter a guilty plea, although the Court will not find her guilty. She must be supervised by the Medina County Adult Probation Department.

If an offender successfully completes the program then the charge(s) against her are dismissed. If she does not complete the program, then because she has entered a guilty plea, she will be returned to Judge Kimbler's criminal docket for sentencing.

The program will last one year and will have three separate phases. The first phase will last 90 days; the second phase will last 180 days; and the third phase will last 90 days. The descriptions of the three phases appear below:


Sessions held with Judge Kimbler and treatment team (case manager, probation officer(s), counselor, etc) at 1:30 every other Wednesday in Judge Kimbler’s Jury Room. Offender will be drug screened every visit and will also be subjected to SAM program during this phase.
Parenting Classes
Introduce Mentor
All fees will be waived during this phase
Transportation assistance will be provided


Meets with Judge and team 2 times per month
SAM requirement eliminated if no positive tests in Phase One
Continue with Parenting Classes, etc.
Initiate family reunification if applicable
Random house visits/drug testing by PO (minimum of 12 times in this phase – ½ of testing fees will be paid for by program)


Minimum 1-6 random drug tests per month
Reports monthly
Continue meeting with team and case managers
Complete entire program within one year which is advantage over being in regular Iloc for up to 3 years
Graduation Ceremony

Judge Kimbler decided to start this program after noticing that a number of female defendants who were charged with drug offenses were single mothers. He believes that this program, if successful, will benefit not only the mothers who go through the program, but also their children, and in turn, society in general.

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