Medina County Courthouse

Friday, February 25, 2011

Judge Kimbler Probation Violations for February 24, 2011

Medina County Chief Probation Officer Veronica Perry reports that the following defendants appeared in Judge Kimbler's courtroom on Thursday, February 24, 2011, for violations of supervision:

08CR0059 Bubner, George IV L. Lesko 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Admits - 180 days MCJ w/27 days credit; all costs are waived. Supervision terminated when released from jail.

09CR0335 Wemmer, Nicholas M. Liebler 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Continued 1 week until 3/3/11; Assigned attorney. Possible pending charges in Wadsworth.

08CR0251 Harmon, Roland J. Adams 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Entered denial. Rescheduled for a later date.

08CR0301 Lisy, Michael B. Burcham 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Will serve 4 straight days in MCJ beginning Sat. 3/12 - 3/15. Stay on ISP; PV costs waived.

10CR0188 Leprevost, Christi C. Copley 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Do an additional 24 hrs. of Community service; Probation continuted; PV costs assessed

10CR0301 Myers, Kajuana B. Burcham 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Additional 10 hrs. community service; 2 AA meetings wkly.; complete Solutions; continue on supervision; pv costs waived

09CR0075 Paletta, James K. Turchek 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Admits - 43 days MCJ w/43 days credit. Continue on supervision

10CR0192 O'Neill, Desiree B. Burcham 2/24/2011 PV Hearing - Admits - To serve 13 days MCJ w/9 days credit. To served another 4 days w/in 60 days; complete BCH; continue on ISP

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