Medina County Courthouse

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Medina Man Given Jail Sentence for Domestic Violence

Judge James Kimbler sentenced Tamas Czirjak, 26, of Lafayette Road in Medina, Ohio, to 45 days in jail with credit for 15 days served for a charge of Domestic Violence, a first degree misdemeanor. Prior to Judge Kimbler imposing sentence on Thursday, February 3, 2011, the victim in the case, who is the mother of two children by Mr. Czirjak came to Judge Kimbler's chambers in an attempt to get the charge dismissed.

Originally Mr. Czirjak had been charged with a felony offense of Domestic Violence, but the State agreed to amend the charge to a misdemeanor if he entered a guilty plea. Although he entered the guilty plea Mr. Czirjak told the probation officer assigned to do the presentence investigation report that he was not guilty of the offense.

At the time of the offense, the victim had a three year old son with Mr. Czirjak and was seven months pregnant with the couple's second child. The offense took place during an argument over the fact that the victim believed that Mr. Crirjak was seeing another woman. According to the Medina Police Department report, the victim told the police that Mr. Czirjak admitted to having a relationship with the other woman. When the presentence investigation was conducted Mr. Czirjak was not living with the victim.

Mr. Czirjak is a resident of the United States but not a citizen. He was born in Hungary and came to the United States in June of 2003. It is not anticipated that he will be deported as a result of this conviction.

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