Medina County Courthouse

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Judge Kimbler Sends Two Men to Jail for Probation Violations

Medina County Chief Probation Officer Veronica Perry reports that on Friday, February 12, 2011, Judge James Kimbler sentenced two men to the Medina County Jail for probation violations. They were Eric Finkela, who was sentenced for probation violations in Case No. 08CR0256 and 09CR0407, and Andrew Wallace, who was sentenced for a probation violation in Case No. 09CR0383.

Each man received a six month jail sentence with credit for time that they had already served in the county jail prior to their hearings on Friday. When the men are released from the county jail, their supervision by the Probation Department will be terminated. Judge Kimbler also waived any outstanding court costs and probation fees.

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